Employee Training

Employee Training

Flex Nutrition offers a unique, six part class conducted at your facility to educate your staff on the most important aspects of retail sales. Each class is sixty minutes and is takes place over six weeks so your staff has ample time to understand and implement each subject successfully before moving on to the next. Each class is strategically placed in order so that by the end of the class, they can successfully interact and close sales on every product or service your facility offers.

The curriculum is as follows:
Class one: Understanding Consumer Physiology
Class two: Product Knowledge
Class three: Dialog on Nutrition Sales, Providing Information, and Product Knowledge (cont.)
Class four: Personal Training Sales
Class five: Retail Loyalty Incentive
Class six: Closing the Sale

This program may be customized, as well, to include alternative product focus areas or education seminars based on the specific needs of your membership.

Training Program Fee:  $800

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